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7.2. Playlist

The Playlist is embedded in the Main window by default to achieve a more compact look. Turn it off to put the Playlist into a separate window.

You can set whether to use Album mode by default when adding songs from Music Store to the Playlist. Regardless of this setting, you can always add tracks without using Album mode by using the Add to playlist popup menu in Music Store.

Settings concerning playlist tabs can be made too. You can control whether to have close buttons on playlist tabs. If you don't want the tab bar to be hidden when only one tab is open, uncheck the Always show the tab bar item.

The option to save/restore the Playlist when exiting and starting the program is turned on by default. If you prefer starting with an empty Playlist every time, turn it off. You can also set whether to save the Playlist periodically. The interval for this is adjustable between 1 and 60 minutes.

Here you can also set the visibility of the track lengths and RVA values in the Playlist. By drag & dropping entries in the list, you can rearrange the columns. The position of those that are not shown is of course irrelevant. Other options should be obvious, such as hiding the statusbar, or showing active track name in bold.

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