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9.6. Custom Keybindings

You can add custom keybindings for Aqualungs main window by calling the `add_main_keybinding' function with a string and a function. The string is the GDK name of the key, optionally preceded by modifiers, and the function is the function to call when the keybinding is used in the main window directly after a Ctrl-z or Ctrl-Z keybinding. The function should accept zero arguments.

Here is a complete list of optional modifiers

[ control- | alt- | super- | control-alt- | super-alt- |
super-control- | super-control-alt- ]

The control- modifier is for the Ctrl key, the alt- is for the Alt/Mod1 keys and the super- is for the Super/Mod4/Windows keys.

Example 1: Exiting Aqualung immediately

add_main_keybinding("control-q", function ()

Using this example is not recommended, but if you want to, you would focus on Aqualung's main window, hit Ctrl-z then Ctrl-q.

Example 2: Testing all modifier keys

add_main_keybinding("b", function () print("b received") end)
add_main_keybinding("alt-b", function () print("alt-b received") end)
add_main_keybinding("control-b", function () print("control-b received") end)
add_main_keybinding("super-b", function () print("super-b received") end)
add_main_keybinding("control-alt-b", function () print("control-alt-b received") end)
add_main_keybinding("super-alt-b", function () print("super-alt-b received") end)
add_main_keybinding("super-control-b", function () print("super-control-b received") end)
add_main_keybinding("super-control-alt-b", function () print("super-control-alt-b received") end)
add_main_keybinding("B", function () print("B received") end)
add_main_keybinding("alt-B", function () print("alt-B received") end)
add_main_keybinding("control-B", function () print("control-B received") end)
add_main_keybinding("super-B", function () print("super-B received") end)
add_main_keybinding("control-alt-B", function () print("control-alt-B received") end)
add_main_keybinding("super-alt-B", function () print("super-alt-B received") end)
add_main_keybinding("super-control-B", function () print("super-control-B received") end)
add_main_keybinding("super-control-alt-B", function () print("super-control-alt-B received") end)

This shows all of the possible combinations of modifier keys for a custom keybinding that rely on the b key.

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