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5.1. Exporting files from the Music Store or Playlist

It is possible to export files from the Music Store or Playlist to external formats. This is especially handy if you own a portable music player, since it can be easily filled with music you already have on your computer, transcoding and tagging the files so they can be readily used by the device. The feature is available from the right-click popup menus (both in Music Store and Playlist), and via the shortcut `x' or `X' (in Music Store only). It operates on the selected Music Store node, or the selected tracks in the Playlist.

The export dialog handles the settings of output directory, filename and file format. Subdirectories can be created for artists and/or records, with adjustable limit for the length of the created directory names. The actual filename is generated using the filename template. This template is very similar to the well-known Title format in Settings / General, only it accepts a few more special sequences: `%o' for the original audio filename (without extension), `%n' for the track number (two digit, zero padded), `%i' for an identifier which is unique within an export session, and `%x' for the file extension. The latter is determined by the output file format, and will be one of `flac', `ogg', `mp3' or `wav'.

The file format setting is exactly the same as with CD ripping, refer to this section for details.

The metadata of the exported files is transcoded to the new format as well as the audio data; read more about this here.

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