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7.7. CD Audio

You can set the drive speed for CD playing in CD-ROM speed units. Lower speed usually means less drive noise. However, when using Paranoia error correction modes for increased accuracy, generally much larger speeds are required to prevent buffer underruns (and thus audible drop-outs), but this is very device-specific.

Most drives let Aqualung know when a CD has been inserted or removed. However, some drives don't report correctly, and thus it may happen that a newly inserted CD remains unnoticed to Aqualung. In such cases, forcing TOC re-read on every drive scan should help.

Aqualung can automatically add newly inserted CDs to the Playlist, and remove them when the CD is removed from the drive. A CD will only be added if the Playlist doesn't already contain any of its tracks. The newly added CD will appear at the top of the Playlist, but after all CD tracks or albums being in the list.

Removal from Playlist will happen if the CD is removed from the drive, or the user quits Aqualung while the CD is in the drive. All tracks of the CD will be removed, even if they were mixed with other audio files or some of them were removed manually.

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