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7.8. CDDB

You can set some parameters of the CDDB lookups here. As for the query protocol, standard CDDBP (port 888) and CDDB over HTTP (port 80) are supported. The standard CDDBP port is the recommended choice unless some unavoidable firewall settings prevent you from using it. For submission HTTP is always used.

The default CDDB database server address is, but you may specify another server (maybe a close mirror). The connection timeout can also be set here.

If you want to submit records to the CDDB server, you will have to give a valid email address. Should your submission be rejected for some reason, you will receive a note about the failure to this address.

Retrieved matches are cached in the ~/.cddbslave directory by default. If you prefer an other location instead, specify a local CDDB directory. If you do not intend to download from a CDDB server at all, you can set to use the local database only.

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